2023 edition

Great success! The first edition of the Show Makers European Forum has taken place in EXPO Krakow!


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On February 15-16, The International Exhibition and Convention Center EXPO Krakow - hosted the first event for show creators and producers in this part of Europe - Show Makers European Forum. The two-day program was prepared based on the needs of the entertainment industry and included lectures, workshops, Demo & Case Study sessions. The meetings were led by world-famous specialists who shared their knowledge and experience. After each meeting, there was no end to questions, which proves the great need for this type of event!

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- I am delighted that the invitation to participate in the Show Makers European Forum was accepted by top experts who work on the biggest European shows on a daily basis. Umberto Bellodi, Randell Greenlee, Chris Higgs, Bill Spasis - these are guests who need no introduction in the industry circle. The strength of the event was the opportunity not only to hear from experts, but also fruitful networking. The premiere edition was met with a very positive feedback, which strengthened our conviction that it is right to organize this type of event in Krakow! I can already reveal that the next edition will be held in 2024, but in a slightly changed formula. Next year, the emphasis will be on the exhibition, complemented by a training program, said Paweł Nikliński, vice president of Targi w Krakowie Ltd. and organizer of the Show Makers European Forum.



There are a lot of challenges ahead for the entertainment industry - safety, the labor market, the latest changes in European standards for entertainment technology, the energy crisis - these are topics that strongly affect the meetings market. - I think these kinds of events are extremely important, especially in this historic period in which we need to redesign and redefine the way we tell the story of technical training, the technical professions and the labor markets associated with live events, the performing arts. This is something that we deserve and that we should push and facilitate as much as possible, because the technical part of the performing arts is always a kind of backbone that everyone should consider and take into account, stressed Umberto Bellodi, Coordinator of the Stagecraft Department of Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

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The Show Makers European Forum was attended by riggers, stage technicians, technical directors, architects, engineers, show designers, set designers, sound, lighting and multimedia implementers, AV specialists, producers, project managers, freelancers - heroes of the background, without whom, however, no event could take place. - I'm glad I was invited to this event, it's a very cool initiative. It's nice to meet a lot of people from the industry. The event is much needed, because it is forgotten who actually performs these events, concerts, large congresses from behind the scenes. The questions and problems that arise here related to structures, to techniques, to safety I think are super reminders for the hygiene of our work, concluded Iwona Czarnata, Managing Director of VES.


The forum was an ideal space to gain knowledge, share experience, refine skills but also make contacts. During meetings with experts, participants learned, among other things, about methods to carry out an effective rescue operation at height, how to design structures and safely use outdoor stages, and gained knowledge on how to protect workers in case of crises in the industry. In addition, they listened to advice on planning, design, approval and crew selection. Topics related to rigging in non-traditional and historically sensitive spaces were discussed, and strategies for dealing with an energy crisis were presented. Of great interest was the section on such topics as the organization of rigging, the physics of suspensions, and the technical and organizational challenges in producing shows. - I think this event is extremely important for the entertainment industry and I think the Show Makers European Forum is doing a great job of organizing and putting this together and providing essential information for the entertainment industry, says Bill Sapsis, President of Sapsis Rigging Inc.

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Among other things, the strength of the event was the meetings in intimate groups, so everyone had the opportunity to ask questions, and there was certainly no shortage of those. - I am delighted to be here at EXPO Krakow. This is the third time I hope to provide assistance to what I believe is a truly world-class conference and help grow the industry, especially from a rigging perspective in Poland, stressed Chris Higgs, Rigging training manager/safety adviser at Total Solutions Group.


The key to success is knowledge, and knowledge gained from the best is the key to reach for. One thing is certain, the first edition of the Show Makers European Forum will be remembered by many as one of the most inspiring events of the year.

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Summary of the 2023 edition
Preview of the 2023 edition

Speakers 2023

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    Chris Higgs
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    Bill Sapsis
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    Matthias Moeller
  • 9.png.png
    Dariusz Porada
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    Marc Hendriks
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    Umberto Bellodi
  • 1.png
    Norbert Tripp
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    Randell Greenlee
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    Grzegorz Zatorski
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    Adolf Weltschek
  • szewxczyk (1).png
    Marcin "Tymon" Grządziel
    Adam Gaca
    Wojciech Klonowski
  • 18.png
    Bolesław Scholl
  • 17.png
    Kazimierz Rawski
  • 16.png
    Konrad Popiel
  • 19.png
    Radosław Mikołajczyk
  • 24.png
    Peter Heath
  • 23.png
    Nicky Greet
    Iwona Czarnata
  • 22.png
    Dagmara Chmielewska

Program 2023

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